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Rivalry Boundry



2012 Update

Here are the current Goat's Head Rivalry rules amended August 2012. Updated Goat's Head Rules.

2010 Update

Check out the newly updated Goat's Head Trophy rules as of April, 2010! Updated Goat's Head Rules.

2008 Update

With the recent reappearance of the Goat's Head Trophy, the Committee has decided to update the rules of the competition. You can see the new rules here, along with the map of the boundary of the competition.

2007 Goat Showing

December 9, 2007, during the Freshman-Sophomore Eskimo Relay rivalry event, a student with a blue backpack crossed the quad and headed toward the campus center. The bag was dropped and students proceeded to gather and attempt to gain possesion of the trophy. Battle over who would posses the trophy ensued for approximately ten minutes before a WPI police officer arrived and awarded it to the individual who possesed it at the time. The group who had new possesion of the goat ran down toward Salisbury Street and threw the goat into a black getaway car and drove off.

2005 Goat Showing

After four years, the Goat's Head Trophy has reappeared!! On this past Thursday, April 14th, during the Freshman-Sophomore Rivalry Event: Jeopardy and Alma Mater Contest in Forkey Commons of the Campus Center, the following events transpired:
  • A (wo)man walked past the rear window of the campus center Forkey Commons area holding the goat during the first round of Jeopardy.
  • After this sighting, a note was found on the ground at the rear of the Campus Center.
  • The note was a quote from the book Two Towers by Mildred McClary Tymeson, a history of the first 100 years of Worcester Tech. This is a link to the quote on the Gordon Library's Online Special Collections: The Two Towers. It is the 7th sentence down on the page.
  • The following is a duplication of this note:
  • The Note
  • There is a slight watermark of the image that, when scanned and transformed, is a map of campus. This picture is an overlay of the WPI on the note. WPI Map Overlay
  • Key things to note:
    • The alignment of "e moun". The "e" is over the gate to Alumni Field from the quadrangle. The "moun" is directly over the path between the fountain and the Library.
    • The faint image of a map of campus watermarked in the background
    • On the back of the paper was a small black image of the two towers
    • The Turner Farm mentioned in the quote is believed to be at the foot of Wachusett Mountain
  • Said (wo)man then ran past the same window during the second round of Jeopardy, this time knocking on the window to get the attention of the audience.
  • He/she was wearing a ski mask.
  • He/she ran towards a small seafoam green car waiting at the Loading Dock on the Campus Center.
  • Said car had an individual in the driver's seat, ready for a quick getaway.

Public Service Announcement Goat Showing

At the annual SocComm Quadfest movie, a public service announcement was played. This short video displayed the goat being "held hostage." The film was given anonymously to the flim commmittee on the morning the film "Ocean's 12" was to be played. You can see the video here: Goat Public Service Announcement

Do you have information about the goat?

If you have any information regarding the Goat's Head Trophy, please email the Office of Alumni Relations