Welcome to my Website!

June the First of 1845, I was introduced to this world from my mother, the queen of a deserted island, populated by wild pigs, coconuts, and the descendants of pirates that had been shipwrecked there many years ago. By the time I was 6, our peaceful society crumbled once a message in a bottle appeared, providing an ominous message which never came true, but created enough paranoia in the pirate descendants to make them turn on each other. I was sent away by my mother on a raft through the perilous seas, battling sharks, squids, other pirates, along with devastating hunger and thirst. But after half a year of rowing and suffering, I managed to make to the land where dreams are made, Canada! Soon after I realized that was a scam and went down to the United States of America. I started out in Michigan, but soon found it to be a silly place and made my way down to Worcester, Massachusetts. After completing college at Harvard by the age of 14, I decided to mess around with cryogenics. Toiling with that for three long years proved fruitful, and I had invented a cryo-sleep capsule! Lacking the nerve to ask people to try it, I tried it on myself, but mis-calculated and slept until the year 8783. Seeing that the world was populated by sentient robots, I quickly high-tailed it out of there and tried to walk back to my time, but the journey proved too difficult and I stopped in 2016, and decided to blend in with what seemed to be the best hiding place, Mass Academy.

Just kidding. My actual life is a whole lot more mundane. I was born on November 11, 1999, in a hospital somewhere in Worcester, which also happened to be the only time I went to the hospital. It was torn down sometime after, when, I am not sure. At the same time I was trying to enter the world, I was trying to leave it as well. I was born with the umbilical wrapped around my neck, through no fault of my own I assure you. Afterwards my life was a whole lot less eventful. In my home lived my mother, father, sister, and myself. My sister lived with us up until I was four, and at that time she went to college. Fun fact, she went to Mass Academy as well, 14 years ago! My father works as an engineer, and my mother works as a librarian, so they forced me to do rather nerdy things throughout my life. Not that I didn’t enjoy most of them, however. Soon after, school started and my free time began to trickle away until it was virtually gone.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time either in school, doing homework, procrastinating, or swimming. Sadly, sleeping is not one of the things I do anymore, along with relaxing and seeing my friends outside of school and practice. However, I am not complaining about this because I do enjoy spending my time at Mass Academy, and swimming, otherwise I would not be going to this school or competing nearly every weekend for hours on end.