In physics, we study a variety of topics from kinematics to magnetism. We take notes, and do labs, demos, and sometimes tests.

Uber Problems

At the end of many chapters in physics, I am tasked with solving an especially complex problem called an “Uber Problem”. These problems involve many steps and often many attempts to get the correct answer, and I must write a two-page report after finishing each one. Below is an example report.

This problem tasked me with finding the coefficient of friction of the ground after a guy takes a jump in a sled. The problems often have fun themes like this. Our chapter one test was Fortnite themed.


I often complete labs in my physics class. One of our earliest labs had me dropping a penny to determine the acceleration of gravity. While my results may have been far off the expected 9.8 meters per square seconds, the lab was fun and it was good practice for designing future labs. Below is my lab report.