In mathematical modeling, we do open ended problems that can be modeled mathematically, and cover topics taught in pre-calculus courses.


This November I competed with my team in the High School Mathematical Competition in Modeling. This competition presented us two problems, of which we could choose to spend the next 36 hours solving. My team decided to choose the problem about roller coasters. The question asked us to develop a method of determining how thrilling a roller coaster a given roller coaster is, given many specifications about the roller coaster including the maximum height, speed, and distance. It also asked us to rank the top 10 roller coasters, design a mobile app to find roller coasters, and write a fake news report summarizing our work. Below is our report.


Another activity I did in my math class was a lab on lines of fit. It was called Hanford. This lab tasked me with finding any correlation between exposure to radioactive contamination and deaths from cancer. I used three different lines of fit for this lab. These lines were two-point, median-median, and least squares. The below document is the Mathematica notebook containing the lab report.