French at Mass Academy requires full immersion. We are not allowed to speak English when we enter the room.


Although I took Latin for my first two years of high school, I take French at Mass Academy. French is a fun class, and the activities we do are very diverse. One of my favorites was a project where everyone had to cook a French dish and bring it in. While some were more successful than others, I made a Quiche Lorraine which I must same came out beautifully. Below is my presentation for this project, which includes pictures of my quiche. Sorry, but the entire presentation is in French of course.


In the first term I was assigned to write a one-page essay about five different rooms in my house. I had to describe furniture, colors, scenery, and anything else unique or important to each room. My favorite part was describing my dog who was sleeping in her bed in my living room. Below is the essay I discussed.