a cute picture of me

My name is Grant and I am a student at Mass Academy, class of 2020. I live in Southborough, Massachusetts. Before Mass Academy, I went to Algonquin Regional High School. My favorite subject is computer science. Outside of school, my favorite things to do are fishing, playing the saxophone, and hanging out with my friends. I was also an invested member of my old school's robotics team. It was part of FIRST Robotics Competition. I also did Programming Team at Algonquin. My team won the 2017 Spring Fitchburg Programming Competition. I solved two of the six problems on the four person team. My other teammates were all seniors.


I've played my saxophone for 6 six years. I started playing jazz in seventh grade. I was lead alto in the Central District Junior Jazz Band. I was in Algonquin's Jazz II and Jazz I before I came to Mass Academy. While I may not listen to jazz for fun, I really enjoy playing it in a band. Genres of jazz I've played before include Be-Bop, Ballads, and Latin. The great thing about high school bands is that one is able to play a large variety of jazz without much commitment to one specific genre. At Mass Academy, I still play my saxophone despite the workload. I am a member of WPI's Jazz Workshop, a class dedicated to increasing students' ability in playing jazz. I will be able to learn a lot of things from this course, including how to better improvise over chord changes. If you are interested in joining this ensemble, email Professor Olsen


a big ol' fish that you can't see Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. My biggest fish is a Northern Pike that was 32 inches and 6.8lbs. I've been fishing since I was four, when I first cast a hookless lure into a pond full of frogs. Since then, I have traveled all over New England and Canada in search of big fish. This summer I went to the Belgrade Lakes region in Maine in search of monster smallmouth bass. My largest smallmouth was 19.5in and 4lbs. Other places where I have fished include Northern Ontario Canada and the Kennebec River.

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