WELCOME to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Fencing Club Alumni web site. The site is intended to help keep active fencers and supporters of the fencing club in contact with one another and the team.
During the 1998 WPI Homecoming we hope to host the annual Alumni Team vs Club Team competition and to have this event institionalized for future years at WPI. Many of you have received information or notice of this event, and should respond with contact information for yourself and other WPI alumni who you think would be interested in supporting this event. By pulling together as Alumni and helping, the club and the athletes will continue to grow in number, strength and ability in the New England community.

First Annual Alumni vs. Club Team Annual Fencing Tournament

The fencing squad needs a little lesson! How about we teach them? The first annual competition was held informally, in 1995. William Mahoney is in the process of defining and constructing an actual tournament with a prize (perhaps a trophy?) to be owned by either side depending upon the outcome. YES, we know that the WPI team is going to be handed their heads and weapons back to them on platters for at least the next several years. But as it turns out it will help build a great unity in both sides and help to push the training of the team, by giving them the goal of trying to beat a few veterans, either ones who have been out of the sport for a few to many years or who are still practicing. It is a tournament centered around fun, and competitive fencing. In order for the tournament to work, we need a full team roster...three people in each weapon.
Please send an email to William Mahoney and/or to to sign up, provide assistance, or to get further information. We hope you will be part of the fun and we look forward to seeing many of you again!

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