Prosthetics Pro

The device

The Solution

The final product is a strap that attaches the user's prothesis to the pedal of the exercise bicycle. It can be adjusted by changing how far in the straps are attached. The device conforms to the specifications that were determined in the preliminary decision making stages.

These were our speeecifications:

The device must be easy to attach to the exercise bike.

The device needs to be portable enough so that our client could carry it with him to the gym. Part of this means that the end product should be lightweight (no more than 10 lbs.).

The device should ensure maximum safety, causing injury is what we want to avoid most in this project.

The device must be durable enough to work for its intended purpose for multiple years.

The device needs to be comfortable so that it does not cause pain or irritation to our client.

The goal is to spend $75 at a maximum price for materials and building, though the optimal price would be around $40.

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