Prosthetics Pro

The Client

The client, Patrick Carmody, is a middle-aged below knee amputee. He is 50 years old and 280 pounds and if he uses his prosthesis for too long it causes him pressure and pain. He must work half time due to the pain in his leg and usually has to use a wheelchair when at work. One of his goals is to become a personal trainer. Mr. Carmody is a husband, and also a father of two children who are both in college. Mr. Carmody incurred his disability because of an accident in 2000. He lost his leg in 2004 after a series of surgeries failed to stop an infection. He has adjusted well to his handicap, but there are still difficulties that he faces often.

There are a number of obstacles our client faces that we could help to aid in or resolve. The client wants to lose weight and exercise, however this is made difficult because there are few exercise machines that accommodate his prosthesis. Depending on whether the client’s stump is sore or swollen, he must administer heat or cold at night. It is difficult for the client to keep the heat/cold pad on his stump while sleeping and this results in inconsistent sleep patterns. It is hard for the client to get around at night because he must attach his prosthesis and make there is ample light for him to see where he is going. Short distance traveling is difficult for our client because it is inconvenient to get in the car and detach the prosthesis before driving. Vacationing can also be difficult because the client must bring his own shower chair. Yet another problem is that it is difficult for the client to center the pin in his leg into his prosthetic. A source of discomfort is that there is a limit to the amount of padding that can be added between the leg and the prosthetic; a lack of padding causes soreness in his stump. It is hard for the client to remove and/or reattach the prosthetic when wearing anything other than sweatpants or shorts. The client was a former long distance runner but is prevented from purchasing a running prosthesis due to expensive prices. Another major problem is the lack of durability of the prosthetic leg. Finally, a large inconvenience is Mr. Carmody is limited to one prosthetic leg every two years because this is all that his insurance company will fund.

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