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Chapter Updates

Day 5
posted by EWB January 15 Travel Team on January 8th, 2015
Yesterday we had another early start and broke into two groups. The first group first continued checking in with the homes that will be implemented on in May. Most families were happy with their plans and ready for May. The second group visited with Dr. Cortave, who has treated travelers in the past, to talk about health concerns in Guachtuq. He referred the group to the local hospital, where the team got to talk to someone who identifies water sources in the area and hopes to receive health statistics from the area soon. Next, they investigated some of the alternative tank designs that were researched in tech this year, and finished by checking the inventory of the materials that were extra in May. Last night, se had a conference with our mentors. More updates to come!

Day 3
posted by EWB January 15 Travel Team on January 7th, 2015
Today we had another successful day of the trip. This morning, we started with a meeting with the mayor where we were able to thank him for his help with the project and for letting us use municipal trucks last trip to transport materials. He thanked us for our dedication to Guachthuq and our continued work in the community. Afterwards, we split into two groups. The first got price quotes for some materials from the construction store in San Cristobal, and then went to the community to collect water for water quality tests. They also prepared for a meeting with the local doctor to ask questions about the health of community members. The second group completed home assessments for implementations in May, and were able to revise some of the home designs. We finished the day by setting the water quality tests and are beginning to incubate them.

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