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Robovation Kit


The basic kit containing all mechanical parts, robot controller, motors, battery, charger, and software.

IFI Robotics
Phone: 903-454-1978
Part number EDU-KIT-2004-FIRST

You will need four PWM cables to connect the radio to your robot controller.  We recommend that you order one 36 inch cable from IFI per kit and we can then split that into four separate cables for you.  You can add the cable onto your Robovation kit order to save on shipping.

Part number CABLE-PWM-36


Additional Sensors


We highly recommend that teams purchase 3 IR Photoreflectors and 2 IR Distance Sensors per kit. The autonomous portion of the game will be much easier if the robots have proper sensors.  The sensors listed below will require some modification to fit into the plugs on the robot controller.  We will be happy to help you with these issues.

The IR Photoreflectors will tell a robot how light or dark the color of an object is, and three are used to help the robots follow a line painted on the field.

Fairchild QRB1134 IR Photoreflector (3x)

The IR Distance Sensors will tell the robot the how far away an obstacle is, are used to help prevent the robot from bumping into things in autonomous mode.

Sharp GP2D120 Distance Measuring Sensor (2x)


Remove Control System


Includes hobby transmitter, receiver, and two servos.  If you do not already have a radio or an assigned channel, please contact us before making a purchase so that we can ensure that there will be no interference between robots at the competition.


Hobby People
Phone: 800-854-8471
Fax: 714-962-6452
Hitec Laser 4ch FM (Part number 7527xx, where xx is the desired channel) 


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