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Workshop Notes

This page will be updated with workshop notes as the workshops are presented.


The Fundamentals of Mechanics

Workshop 1 Videos

Workshop 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Workshop 1 Mechanical Guide and Lecture Notes Part 1: The Kit

Workshop 1 Mechanical Guide and Lecture Notes Part 2: Theory

Workshop 1 Mechanical Guide and Lecture Notes Part 3: Design (not yet available)

InnovationFIRST Mechanical Reference Guide

miniFIRST Web Site (the archives have examples of past games)

Robovation Primer Chassis and Drive Train Mentor Guide

Robovation Primer Speed-Torque-Power Appendix


Basic programming


Workshop 2 Videos


Workshop 2 PowerPoint Presentation

Workshop 2 Programming Cheat Sheet

Robovation Code (WPI Framework)

Robovation Default Code (not including WPI Framework)

Robovation Default Code Guide (not including WPI Framework)



Advanced Topics 


Workshop 3 Videos

Workshop 3 Programming Cheat Sheet

Introduction to C Programming for FIRST (applies to the Robovation kits as well)

CMU Robot Builder

Sharp GP2D12 Sensor Info Page (contains data sheets and many useful links)

Fairchild QRB1134 IR Photoreflector Data Sheet

State Machines are Your Friends!




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