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WPI Framework and Sample Code

Framework Version 1.3 (11/23/2004)

Framework Documentation (11/29/2004)

  • Version 1.2 of the framework has undergone significant revision to allow for the use of the field control system.  This will require you to make changes to your main.c file.

    The main.c included in the sample code is divided into two separate functions, autonomousMode and main.  The code in autonomousMode will run when the robot is first enabled unless you put a jumper on input pin 13.  If you wish to drive the robot with the radio, you must put a jumper on pin 13 to disable autonomous mode.

    If you are using servos, you must specify which ports they are on using the
    SetPortAsServo(port) function.  The sample code specifies servos on ports 5 and 6.  To control servos, you must use the Servo(port, value) function.  This function will tell a servo on PWM OUT port port to move to position value (which is a number between 0 and 255).

    Below is a sample main.c which shows how you would enable a dead band and scale the joystick inputs to match the speed range of the motor.

  • Version 1.3 adds the AutonomousWait() function, which works just like Wait(), but will only wait while the robot is in autonomous mode.  Version 1.3 also has minor bug fixes.  You can use main.c files from version 1.2 with version 1.3.

Sample Main.c with dead bands, limit switches, servos, and scaling (12/02/2004)


Old Versions

Framework Version 1.2



Other Software (mirrored for Worcester Public Schools)

IFI Loader 1.0.7

Freebyte Zip

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