emma beeler

Hi! I'm Emma Beeler, a junior at Mass Academy! Here you can find info about me, my classes, and a link to my gallery.

me frolicking in the ocean

I'm a short kid with big dreams from Worcester, Massachusetts. Before coming to Mass Academy, I attended Doherty Memorial High School, home of the Highlanders. There, I made lots of friends, participated in my school’s math team, and even ran my school’s improv club! When I applied and was accepted to Mass Academy, it was a hard choice to make. I knew Mass Academy would be the right place for me, so I left behind my club and moved five minutes down the street to where I am now! At Mass Academy, I’ve found great friends and exciting challenges.

my family and i - i look like a goon

I live with my two siblings and my mom. My siblings are twins, but they’re actually as different as night and day. George is chill, where Lydia is anything but. My family also has a very old and very fat cat, named Marmalade. He is, coincidentally, my ‘twin,’ as we were born on the same day and year. Since Marmalade is very old, he’s a lot more laid back than other cats, preferring to sit and snuggle than play.

my cat marmalade

If you ask me what my favorite number is, I’ll probably respond with “pi” - not just because I’m a huge math nerd, but because my birthday is pi day! This works out perfectly for me, because I am not a fan of cake. Instead, every year, I have a chocolate pudding pie with oreo crust for my birthday, which is far more superior than any cake. Here is one of the best pies you can possibly eat.