Welcome To My Website!

This is a picture of me sailing.
This is a picture of me sailing a catamaran.

Hello, my name is Daniel Abadjiev, and I am a junior at Mass Academy. My favorite academic subjects are Math and Physics. Outside of school I enjoy exploring interesting math topics, reading fantasy novels, singing, acting, skiing, sailing, and windsurfing. I also enjoy trying new things. I have played piano since I was 5, and some links to my past concerts can be found in the piano section. My sending school is the Advanced Math And Science Academy (AMSA), and I participated in Math Team and A Cappella at AMSA. I lived in Watertown, MA until recently with my parents, Svetlin Abadjiev and Milena Pavlova, and my brother, Michael Abadjiev, though we recently moved to Worcester. My parents are originally from Bulgaria, and at home I speak a mix of Bulgarian and English. I am also semi-fluent in French. I hope you enjoy exploring my website.

Some webpages are under construction

Note: Some webpages are under construction.