Chinese Student Association is one of the excellent clubs in WPI. Every year, we have a lot of fun and meaningful events throughout the year such as Dragon Night and Hotpot. Through active participation, members will develop friendship, leadership and most importantly, have fun.

Upcoming Events

Photo galleryry

China is the world's oldest and largest civilization with over a billion populations. Although China faces immense social and environmental problems, there is great beauty too. Travelers to China are fascinated by its magical landscapes, surprising creatures and outstanding combination of historical, artistic and architectural heritage and modern elements. China has the highest mountains in the world, the vast Gobi desert in the west, the grassy plains in Inner Mongolia, the Great Wall in the north and the rich tropical ocean in the south, all of which contribute to the uniqueness of this beautiful country. Therefore, we decided to prepare a Photo Gallery to help you explore the whole of this great nation.

To see the photos in the photo gallery, please click here

Sport Tournament

The Chinese Student Association is holding a sport tournament which includes basketball and badminton competitions. The tournament has been finished. To see the results, please click here

Job Hunting Info Session

The Chinese Student Association is planning to hold a Job Hunting Info Session. More details about this event will come soon.