I am a phd candidate in Computer Science department in Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am passionate about creating interactive learning environments that are engaging as well as effective. For my dissertation, I am exploring different ways of making computer tutors more game-like. I am looking at cognitive, metacognitive and affective modes of game-like interventions. Prof. Joseph E. Beck is my research advisor and my mentor. I also work closely with Prof. Ivon Arroyo.

Wayang Outpost:Wayang Outpost is an intelligent multimedia based tutoring system developed at Umass Amherst. The tutor helps prepare middle and high school students for standardized math tests. Wayang provides self-paced review for students preparing for college level mathematics and adults who want to refresh their math skills.

I am designing and developing metacognitive support for the students using the tutor.

Monkey's Revenge:
Monkey’s Revenge is a math-learning environment with game-like elements. This consists of a series of 8th grade coordinate geometry problems wrapped in a visual narrative. Students have to help story characters solve the problems in order to move the story forward. Similar to classic computer tutors, they get hints, bug messages, worked out solutions and scaffolding when they stumble upon problem and misconceptions.

“Mosaic” is a math game where players solve math problems to generate tiles that can be placed inside a mosaic. There are mosaics of different cities from different countries. Each city is associated with a math skill, for example: New York is associated with ‘calculating area and perimeter’, Baghdad with ‘circles and arcs’ and Beijing with ‘triangles’. This game will be attached with a math tutor so that the students can do back and forth between the tutor and game, learning in one and applying in another.