My Bio

My family

Hello! I am Danush Chelladurai. I am a Junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science at WPI. Before Mass Academy, I attended public schools in my hometown of Shrewsbury and AMSA Charter School in Marlborough. I have a sister who is currently in the fourth year of her undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Connecticut. I love making jokes, laughing, and talking to people. You can contact me at danush.chella@gmail.com or at dchelladurai2@wpi.edu.

My Hobbies

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I enjoy playing various sports, including football, soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. I have played football for various teams, including Shrewsbury town teams and, more recently, the AMSA-Maynard Football team. I have been playing both the electric and the acoustic guitar for 3 years.

My largest passion, however, is participating in competitive math. I began participating in competitive math in 5th-grade and was part of the middle school math team at AMSA, serving as its captain during my 8th-grade year. I later became the president of the Varsity Math team during my 10th grade year. I am also an avid participant in my local Math League, Western Mass ARML. ARML is a great place to meet new people and learn more about math. It also provides many opportunities to practice your skills in an environment where it is normal to make mistakes and learn from them. Just being around some of the other students, you’ll learn so much about techniques that you probably would have never seen otherwise. Contact me to learn more about ARML.

Community Service

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The most important community service program that I volunteer for is the St. Johns Food for the Poor Program at the St. John’s Church in Worcester. We serve as a soup kitchen during the week and a food pantry on Saturday. People from across Worcester come to the Church for food. I mainly help on Saturdays, when people just come in and take anything from fruits and vegetables to meats to ice cream cakes. I usually work as a “box-boy” during this time, helping carry boxes of food for people who are unable to do so themselves. It is a great experience because you get to meet different people from very different parts and upbringings and the look on people’s faces when they see all our food for the first time is priceless (and because I get my Saturday arm workout in 😃)

I also help coach the Middle School Math team at my sending school, AMSA. The Middle School Math team, which is coached by Mr. Peters, served as the spark that developed my interest in both competitive math and school math. I aspire to replicate the amazing experience I had on the team and pass it on to the next generation of students. It has taught me a lot about leadership and people skills especially with younger people.