Hi, my name is Hannah, and I'm currently a junior at Mass Academy.

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More About Me

I live at home with my mom, dad, dog, and cat. My dog is named Shelly, and my cat’s name is Misha. I also have a brother, Tal, who is currently going to Northeastern University. Before MAMS I went to Shrewsbury Public Schools, but I was actually born in Israel. I love art, musicals, music in general, and being around my friends.

My brother and I My family


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved art, and the ability that it gives me to express myself. I draw almost every day, both on paper and digitally. I have been going to Artmark Studios since 2015, and I had a separate teacher for a few years before that, accounting to almost 6 years of art classes. Some of my favorite mediums are charcoal, graphite, watercolors, and gouache. Gouache is like the love child of watercolors and acrylics, because it's opaque and not reflective, but still water-soluble, and you can reactivate it once it's dry. More of my work can be viewed on my art Instagram

Black Panther Okoye charcoal drawing Black Panther Shuri charcoal drawing Greatest Showman watercolor painting Thomas Sanders watercolor painting

Some of my favorite drawings and paintings that I've made


During my freshman and sophomore years I participated in 4 musicals. How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and All Shook Up were the spring musicals at SHS, and All Shook Up won best overall production at the TAMYs, which is a musical competition for Massachusetts high schools. Last summer and the year before I took part in shows titled 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Lucky Stiff, respectively, at Centre Stage Productions. These are run by the same directors that work at Shrewsbury, but the camps are available for anyone nearby to sign up.

Spelling Bee cast photo All Shook Up cast photo

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Gordon-Shepherd


I love to travel, and usually spend at least one to two weeks abroad with my family. My most recent trip was to Iceland and Norway in June. In Iceland we toured a lot of glaciers and mountains, and in Norway we went kayaking at 2 AM, because we were so far north that the sun just didn't set for all of June. In April I went to Israel with my parents, where we toured Haifa, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, and even ruins from Caesar's time. During February break freshman year my family went skiing, which is a tradition for us, but that time we went to Austria. I also recently went to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada on a big road trip. In total, I've been to 9 countries and about 20 states.

Hike in Iceland Antelope Canyon and feeding kangaroos

A hike at Mt. Glymur in Iceland, Antelope Canyon in Arizona, and my mom and I feeding kangaroos in Israel.

Community Service

I participated in both information sessions for Mass Academy and am planning on participating in all of next year’s sessions as well. I highly enjoy telling new people about the Academy, and it's always great talking to a prospective student and hearing them talk about how much they like the school.
Over the summer, I am going to volunteer as a counselor at ComputerQuest and MakerQuest, which are Mass Academy’s computer science and 3D modeling summer camps for middle schoolers. I really enjoyed running Splish, which was a 1/2 day program for middle schoolers that Mass Academy ran, and I love my job, which is teaching math to children of around the same age, so I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. You can learn more or sign up here