Welcome to my website! My name is Charan Sankaran and I am currently a high school junior at Mass Academy. At Mass Academy I take many unique classes that you can learn about in the academic section of my website. Check out the rest of my website!


About Me.

I am sixteen years old, and have an older sister who is currently going to RIT. My parents grew up in India and my dad moved here for his post-graduate studies. I lived in Framingham till I was two years old and then moved to Shrewsbury where I currently live. For the first two years of high school I went to the Advanced Math and Science Academy. At AMSA I took mainly honors classes as well as AP Computer Science. Although AMSA was a great school and gave me a good foundation, I felt as though Mass Academy would give me more in-depth knowledge into subjects that I am interested in.


I have played basketball since third grade. I have always loved the sport and played on the Shrewsbury Travel Team from fourth to eighth grade. I was also part of the AMSA Middle School Basketball Team in eighth grade. My travel team won our league championship in fourth and fifth grade as well as a few basketball tournaments around the state. The picture below is my fifth grade basketball team. Although I quit basketball because of other activities which clashed with practice and game times, I will never stop playing the sport with my friends on a regular basis. I also love watching basketball and follow the NBA. My favorite team will always be the Boston Celtics as I live in Massachusetts. However, my favorite player to watch in the NBA has to be Stephen Curry. I am a shooter and point gaurd and I always love watching players who play with similar styles that I do. I have had the chance to see some of the former players on the Celtics and even got the chance to play in TD Garden when I was younger. As I said earlier, basketball will always be a part of me.

I used to play piano when I was younger. I played for about six years from when I was very young till about fourth or fifth grade. I loved piano and music in general and still enjoy occasionally playing on my keyboard. The picture below is me preforming at a recital when I was younger. Nowadays, I typically only play along with my sister, who plays violin, for special occasions.

Basketball Piano