Welcome to my website! My name is Charan Sankaran and I am currently a high school junior at Mass Academy. At Mass Academy I take many unique classes that you can learn about in the academic section of my website. Check out the rest of my website!


About Me.

I am sixteen years old, and have an older sister who is currently going to RIT. My parents grew up in India and my dad moved here for his post-graduate studies. I lived in Framingham till I was two years old and then moved to Shrewsbury where I currently live. For the first two years of high school I went to the Advanced Math and Science Academy. At AMSA I took mainly honors classes as well as AP Computer Science. Although AMSA was a great school and gave me a good foundation, I felt as though Mass Academy would give me more in-depth knowledge into subjects that I am interested in.


I have played basketball since third grade. I have always loved the sport and played on the Shrewsbury Travel Team from fourth to eighth grade. I was also part of the AMSA Middle School Basketball Team in eighth grade. My travel team won our league championship in fourth and fifth grade as well as a few basketball tournaments around the state. The picture below is my fifth grade basketball team. Although I quit basketball because of other activities which clashed with practice and game times, I will never stop playing the sport with my friends on a regular basis. I also love watching basketball and follow the NBA. My favorite team will always be the Boston Celtics as I live in Massachusetts. However, my favorite player to watch in the NBA has to be Stephen Curry. I am a shooter and point gaurd and I always love watching players who play with similar styles that I do. I have had the chance to see some of the former players on the Celtics and even got the chance to play in TD Garden when I was younger. As I said earlier, basketball will always be a part of me.

I used to play piano when I was younger. I played for about six years from when I was very young till about fourth or fifth grade. I loved piano and music in general and still enjoy occasionally playing on my keyboard. The picture below is me preforming at a recital when I was younger. Nowadays, I typically only play along with my sister, who plays violin, for special occasions.

Basketball Piano

Community Service.

During Junior year at Mass Academy, I volunteered at two places. The first place I volunteered was at Jagoworlds 3rd annual holiday gift drive. At the event, we used a list of children and what gift they wanted for the holiday and went out to local stores to buy the gifts. We then wrap the gifts in wrapping paper and attach a hand-made card to the present and send them to the children's shelter. The event is really fun, and it feels great to help kids in need. The second place I volunteered was at the Ecotarium. At the Ecotarium, I spent time doing database entry and cataloging different objects and animals. I also volunteered as a curator, where I would teach people who came in about certain sections of the Ecotarium. This volunteer experience was not only fun but also a great learning experience for me.