Welcome to Dr. Lambert's lab web page at Worcester Polytechnic Institue!  The Lambert lab is part of the WPI Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and the WPI Bioengineering Institute.
The lab is located at Gateway Park in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Our lab investigates how surface chemistry can be applied to ion sensors, integrated prosthetics, and tissue engineering. 

Graduate Student Research

The Lambert lab offers a diverse research environment with projects ranging from development of super-hydrophoic polymers to antimicrobial surface preparation to 3D tissue scaffold engineering.

Contact the WPI Graduate Admissions office for applications.

Read more on graduate student research

Undergrad Major Qualifying Projects (MQP)

If you are a WPI undergraduate student interested in completing your MQP in our lab, we have many research opportunities available.  Previous MQP  students include chemistry, biomedical engineering,
and physics majors. 

Contact us if you would like to visit our lab!

Read more about our undergrad MQPs

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