About this Website

The original website, Worcester Writers designed and implemented by Michael LeBarron and Andrea Hubbard in 2002. They contributed the original material on Behrman, Benchley, Cormier, Forbes, Higginson, and Meltzer, as well as the research on Worcester History.

The website was redesigned and reimplemented by Tara Ellsworth, Kathleen Joyce, and Vickie Wu in 2003. They contributed the original material on Bishop, Fell, Kunitz, O'Hara, Olson, Prouty, Quinn, Sissman, and Tremblay.

In 2008-2009 students doing project work at WPI updated and expanded the site to include audio and video, putting emphasis on recording interviews with and readings by writers with connections to the Worcester region. The students and their contributions:

Since the revision, more students have contributed to the project:

Any comments regarding this web site may be sent to James Dempsey.