During your break over the holidays, as you have time to watch videos, keep in mind the science that you are doing at the academy. As you view films look for a good example of PHAULTY PHYLM PHYSICS. That is a clip that is based on incorrect physics that could only happen on film.

Identify an example of an instance in a movie, which contains some incredulous and faulty physics. In other words, find an example of a motion sequence (or some other phenomenon) portrayed in the movie which could not have possibly happened according to physics. The example must be one which positively breaks the laws of physics and could not have been done without trick cinematography. I will agree that it is currently believed not possible for man to fly or float unaided and that sound does not travel in space, so try to be more creative then either of these ideas.

Once you have identified an example of phaulty philm physics, somehow mark the section to share with the class. You will need this clip, not to exceed 4 minutes, during the week of January 11th. Also prepare a short word processed paper and presentation in which you:

Your entire presentation should take no more than six or seven minutes, please plan on having your tape already at the beginning of the relevant clip when you come to class.

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