Physics Page

Integrated Chemistry and Physics is taken by all juniors at the academy. We do a variety of activities, most of which are hands-on and open ended. A sampling of some of those which I have worked to create are listed below. We currently use the text College Physics by Serway & Faughn as a reference in this course.

    Graphing of Motion: Ride To Nowhere
    Motion on Computers
    Friday Problems
    Different Motion: Swings, Sinks, Spins and Springs
    Physics Errors: Physics Phylm Pholey ...
    Motion Explanation: What Makes That Toy Move ...
    Science Satire: Speed Of Darkness ... coming
    Final Projects:The Physics of...Web Pages
    Light Debate: The Great Light Debate

A wonderful website for other ideas for activities is South Glenbrook High

Summer Science Reading Ideas