A Ride to Nowhere

Here is a chance to borrow the family car if you drive, go out with a special friend if you don't, or go with anyone who is willing to waste at least an half an hour of time. You could do this activity on the way to school o or on a trip to somewhere else simplt a "ride to nowhere". The only stipulation is that it must be at least fifteen minutes and not be completely highway driving. Oh, you can't really be alone and do this safely!

Record the beginning odometer reading (mileage). Create a time interval for your drive, of no less than one minute, so that you will have at least fifteen readings. Record your speed at the end of each of these time intervals. (This is why you can not do this alone, it wouldn't really be safe to drive, time and record all by yourself.) Take the final odometer reading.

Create and submit a graph describing your trip and the data. Write a brief story describibg the graph you created. We must have all the data and graphs as in class we will be creating distance and acceleration graphs from each students excursions.

It is obviously necessary for you to have graph paper to do this assignment. Have fun!!

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Last modified: June 1, 1998