What Moves Those Toys?

Toys of Motion

Problem Statement:
Select a toy whose motion can be quantified and prepare a poster board which includes all components outlined below. Due Dates:


When creating your display consider the following;
  1. Did you place your name on the back?

  2. Is there a good contrast between lettering and background?

  3. Is there symmetry of display or a flow to the design?

  4. Did you use contrasting frames when mounting white on white?

  5. Did you use no font smaller than 12 point?

  6. Can you read the letters of headings at least six feet away?

  7. Are diagrams, charts or graphs helpful to ideas in the text?

  8. Do diagrams, charts or graphs give the proper picture of your work done?

  9. Is everything properly labeled?

  10. Did you remember that open space is important for affect?

  11. Does your display set the tone you hope to achieve?

  12. If you have multiple pages of text, did you stack your pages for easy lifting to read?

  13. Did you avoid hand written work and use the appropriate tools available to you?

  14. Did you limit the size of your display to no more than 122 cm wide x 76 cm deep x 274 cm high from the floor, if on a table it can not exceed 198 cm high? These are science fair dimensions and are firm for the fair.


These are displays of your process not just posters of your results.

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