Swings, Slides, Spins, Sinks and Springs

Not all motion is uniform. Or it may be better stated not all motion APPEARS to be uniform. You will be studying four different senerios where motion doesn't appear to follow the velocity = change in distance / change in time. You will work with a partner to design an experiment that will collect data about one of the above types of motion, and then describe what affects that motion.

After choosing one of the four motions you will:

  1. identify and control variable.
  2. differentiate between INDEPENDENT and DEPENDENT variable.
  3. produce graphs and data.
  4. make a ten minute PowerPoint presentation by groups to the class.
  5. submit a concise statement of experimental design and results of no more that two pages (graphs and charts are extra).
  6. locate five problems in the text which you will assign related to your presentation.
  7. be evaluated as a group, on the presentation and paper.

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