Here are some example toys, with source code.

Click on the image or title of an example to run it.

Perlenspiel works best on Chrome and Firefox. Most Android devices should work, too. Safari works fine on Macintosh desk/laptops, but Mobile Safari (on iPhones and iPads) can’t play more than one sound at a time, because Steve Jobs said so.

Internet Explorer or Edge? Heh.

Perlenspiel Splash Screen (Moriarty)

[Perlenspiel Splash Screen]

Plays the opening theme of J.S. Bach’s Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue, 1751). Touch the beads to hear the notes again. Source code.

Simple Rain Toy (Moriarty)

[Simple Rain Toy]

Click on the sky to make raindrops fall. Source code.

Simple Paint (Moriarty)

[Simple Paint]

Select colors, click and/or drag to paint. Click X to clear the canvas. Includes an example cover page. Source code.

Whither (Melville/Petersen)


Somber, minimalist puzzler with resources that dwindle and fade. Includes cover page and custom music. Source code.

Glyph Inspector (Moriarty)

[Unicode Inspector]

Utility for displaying the Unicode characters (and associated hex codes) available to Perlenspiel designers. Source code.