Brian Flanagan

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it!

Who am I?

Who am I? My name is Brian Flanagan. I currently attend the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. I previously attended Douglas High School in Douglas, MA. I have lived in five different places over the course of my life. I have been living in Douglas for about ten years now. I have a plethora of interests and hobbies. I love to play music, play sports, perform magic, and spend time with my friends and family. This website is meant to give you some insight into my life (personal, academic, etc.). Please enjoy it and thank you for visiting.


Each year the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, MSMR, holds a competition for middle school and high school students to research and present a new breakthrough in medical science. This year I have entered this competition with my school. To enter one must construct an essay, a poster, or a website. I chose to make a website and have linked it to my school website. To visit my MSMR website please click on the appropriate link in the navigation bar at the top of your page.


To eliminate the apparent disconnect between a large number of individuals of the under 30 age group and current social, political, and economic issues, Civitour aims to serve Millennials with information about both sides of popular controversies and provide a platform for discussion and commentary. This hybrid application will provide individuals with a simple, attractive, and concise way to understand the different perspectives on many issues. With a way of gathering information, users will be able to make informed decisions - whether while voting in the next presidential election or becoming involved in a protest of a social injustice. Civitour is a simple solution that aims to heighten civic engagement and political participation while also allowing them to engage in lively debates.

Please feel free to test our now live app and fill out this response form. Thank you!