Application Information

Details about the Application Forms for Guidance Recommendations

The Guidance Counselor should have advised the applicant this year and will need to provide an official transcript, and any standardized test scores. The Guidance Counselor recommendation form asks for the following information:

Mass Academy Form B - Recommender (Guidance Counselor)

  1. Applicant name
  2. School name
  3. Your title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.)
  4. Your first name, last name
  5. Your phone number, email
  6. Subject and level of course(s) taught to student
  7. Additional acquaintance (duration and context)

  8. Information on current standing covering a period FROM: mm/dd/yyyy, TO: mm/dd/yyyy
  9. Class rank and size (e.g. 12/250) Class rank in the top % Class rankis weighted? Yes/No
  10. Cumulative GPA and scale (e.g. 3.8/4.0) GPA is weighted? Yes/No
  11. Transcript - Please attach an official transcript that includes completed and current courses. You may also include copies of the PSAT, SAT, MCAS, PARCC, or other standardized test scores, but we prefer you list them above. Only one PDF file may be attached (which can contain multiple pages).
  12. Standardized test scores - Please provide us with any standardized test scores the student received from grade 8 or beyond, such as PSAT, SAT, MCAS, PARCC or other. List the test type and score summary (not sub-scores). Paper versions of standardized test scores can be scanned in and attached to the transcripts, although we prefer you list the summary scores below. You may use the following text to cut-and-paste as a template for editing. Delete any examples that do not apply.
  13.   PSAT 2018 EBRW = xxx, Math = xxx
      SAT May 2018 EBRW = xxx, Math = xxx
      SAT June 2018 Chem = xxx
      MCAS 2018 ELA = xxx, Math = xxx
      MCAS 2017 Bio = xxx
      AP History May 2018 = xxx 
  14. Compared to those of other students in his/her grade, the course selections for this student are: Select Average, Above average, Accelerated, The highest level available
  15. Which of the following courses will the student have completed by the end of the current school year? Check all that apply; A U.S. History course or equivalent, A full-year course in Algebra II, A full-year course in Chemistry
  16. Provide the number of times the student was absent, tardy, and dismissed for the past two years:
  17. Disciplinary History - Has the applicant ever been found responsible for a serious disciplinary violation at your school, or been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony? If yes, then we will contact you to fill-out a separate form.

  18. The following questions ask the recommender to rate the applicant using checkboxes in each of the categories listed, where the checkbox options are; No Basis, Below Average (bottom 50%), Average (top 50%), Good (top 25%), Excellent (top 10%), One of the best (top 1%):
    • Academic Achievement
    • Extracurricular Accomplishments
    • Personal Qualities and Character
    • Overall
  19. List a few words to describe this student
  20. How strongly do you recommend this student to the Academy?
  21. Written Evaluation - Critical factors for success at Mass Academy include meeting deadlines, working collaboratively, and handling long-term projects. Please provide a candid recommendation for the applicant, containing specific facts and anecdotes in sentence or bullet format that addresses at least a few of the following questions. You may word-process and paste text from another document. (3000 character maximum including spaces, approximately 500 words)
    • How does the applicant approach and apply new and difficult content?
    • How was the applicant able to work effectively and respectfully with those of different perspectives and abilities?
    • What motivates the applicant academically or personally?
    • Has the student demonstrated a willingness to take intellectual risks and go beyond the normal classroom experience?
    • What will you remember most about this person in terms of his/her resilience, perseverance, or grit?
    • Can you elaborate on any ratings you selected above that are notably higher or lower than the overall rating?

Information last updated: 11/30/2018