Joseph D. Fehribach

Principal Publications of the Last Few Years

  1. Matrices over finite fields and their Kirchhoff graphs, accepted for publication in Linear Algebra and its Applications, 547 (2018, with T. Reese, R. Paffenroth and B. Servatius) 128–147 (
  2. Duality in geometric graphs: vector graphs, Kirchhoff graphs and Maxwell reciprocal figures, Symmetry 8 9 (2016, with T. Reese and R. Paffenroth) 1–28 (doi:10.3390/sym8030009).
  3. Matrices and their Kirchhoff graphs, Ars Mathematica Contemporanea 9 (2015) 125–144.
  4. Vector-space methods and Kirchhoff graphs for reaction networks SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 70 (2009) 543–562.
  5. Triple phase boundaries in solid-oxide cathodes SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 70 (2009) 510–530.
  6. Using numerical experiments to discover theorems in differential equations, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems: Series B , 3 (2003) 495–504.
  7. Diffusion-Reaction-Conduction Processes in Porous Electrodes: the Electrolyte Wedge Problem, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 12 (2001) 77–96.
  8. A Three-Phase Homogeneous Model for Porous Electrodes in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (with J. A. Prins-Jansen, K. Hemmes and J. H. W. deWit), Journal of Electrochemical Society, 143 (1996) 1617–1628.

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