Joseph D. Fehribach

Principal Publications of the Last Several Years

  1. Matrices and their Kirchhoff graphs, preprint.
  2. Vector-space methods and Kirchhoff graphs for reaction networks SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 70 (2009) 543--562.
  3. Triple phase boundaries in solid-oxide cathodes SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 70 (2009) 510--530.
  4. The second electrolyte wedge problem in porous electrodes (with K. (Ware) Kilgore). Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly, 15 (2007) 279--298.
  5. A reaction route graph analysis of the electrochemical hydrogen oxidation and evolution reactions (with I. Fishtik, C.A. Callaghan, R. Datta), Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 576 (2005) 57--63.
  6. Using numerical experiments to discover theorems in differential equations, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems: Series B , 3 (2003) 495-504.
  7. Estimates for Polarization Losses in Molten Carbonate Cathodes (with K. Hemmes), Journal of Electrochemical Society, 148 (2001) A783-A787.
  8. Diffusion-Reaction-Conduction Processes in Porous Electrodes: the Electrolyte Wedge Problem, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 12 (2001) 77-96.
  9. A Three-Phase Homogeneous Model for Porous Electrodes in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (with J. A. Prins-Jansen, K. Hemmes and J. H. W. deWit), Journal of Electrochemical Society, 143 (1996) 1617-1628.

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