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Welcome to my website!

About Me


Hello! My name is Alan Chen. At the time of writing, I'm 16 years old, though since this exact text must be kept static indefinitely for posterity, you viewers from the future can subtract "today's" date (8/23/18) from the current one to find my age. I was born in Seattle, WA, but seeing as how I'm typing this from the middle of Worcester, MA, you could probably infer that I move around a lot. I've been to Boston, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Delaware, and Tennessee. (The latter few, however, are just what I've heard from my parents about my toddlerhood.) Though I've attended several (6!) schools in the past, I'm currently studying at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, which -- and this may be quite unintuitive -- is a magnet school that specializes in math and science. Owing, perhaps, to the influence of both my biologist parents, I'm interested in neuroscience, and all the chemical mechanisms that make proverbial clock cells tick. Last summer, I took an introductory neuroscience course at Harvard, and I work at my dad's lab in my free time to perform all kinds of experiments.

Computer Science


Alongside the aforementioned reasons, my current interest in neuroscience also stems from an interest in programming, which in turn was the result of playing video games. (Personally, I believe that level-creation heavy games such as Super Mario Maker are an important part of introducing young children to programming.) Though I frequently played video games all throughout elementary school, it was only during the 5th grade that I began to take an interest in programming. As me and my younger brother hatched a plot to install a Mario fangame on all the computers in our school, we discovered that it had an extremely robust level editor, that allowed for complex event triggers, entity layers, and other functions that you couldn't find in the average middle school STEM edutainment games. However, there was still only so much you could do with it, so eventually I started to dabble in game modding, though I never really figured out how to do so. By this time, I was starting my sophomore year of high school, and had enrolled in an introductory C course. During that time, I learned much about how to program in C, but I opted to use Scratch for my AP Computer Science Tasks, since it provided an easy way to manipulate many onscreen images. (Find it here!)

My Hobbies

Since Mass Academy requires long transit times and heavy workloads, I've little time to even do the required homework; much less pursue any interests that don't also happen to be a part of my curriculum. I have, however, found the time to attend Taekwondo classes biweekly at the Jae H. Kim taekwondo school, and am currently a Blue Stripe in the WTF format. I've also attended the Triumph Taekwondo school, which uses a different Taekwondo format (in which I am also a Green Belt), where I recently led a group of other students in a demonstration alongside the K-Tigers, which are a world-famous Taekwondo demonstration group.

Community Service

Over the summer, I intend to perform community service at the HMEA Autism Resource center, which is an autism support organization based in Massachusetts. This year, I have also acted as volunteer staff for HMEA’s annual 5K & Walk for Autism Acceptance. There, I learned a lot about how autistic people differ from “normal” people -- namely, that they aren’t that different at all: there were many people who I had no idea were autistic. Overall, the experience really opened my eyes to the way that autism and other developmental disorders are treated these days.