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Name: Brian Berk
Major: ME/MFE
Graduating: 2006
Hometown: East Hartford, CT
Position: Ritual Officer
Interests: Music, Cars, games, sports
Quote: “No more F@cking around"
Name: Freddy Jervis
Major: ME
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Interests: Varsity Swimming, Bowling, Tennis, Soccer
Quote: “Don’t f@cking look at me!”
Name: Pat Canny
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Easton, CT
Position: Vice President
Interests: Ice Hockey, Gold, Baseball, Money
Quote: “Let me write that down with the ‘important’ side of the pen”
Name: Pat Kelley
Major: CE
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Dedham, MA
Interests: Golf, Politics, Music
Quote: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”
Name: Ryan Tully
Major: Chemistry
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Dracut. MA
Interests: Burgling Hams, Batman
Quote: “Bunny face”
Name: Daniel Erik Bartl
Major: MFE
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Gardner, MA
Interests: Classic Rock, Cars, 24, Audio, Equipment, ect…
Quote: “When you kill a kitten, god masturbates”
Name: Pace Ricciardelli
Major: IE
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Avon, CT
Position: Postulant Leader
Interests: Music, Cooking, Squash, Google
Quote: “If I’m still standing”
Name: Stu Webster
Major: ME
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Denver, CO
Interests: Stuff, Lax, More Stuff, Music, I Don’t Really Like Stuff Too Much
Quote: “I love hippies”
Name: Justin Clouthier
Major: Bio/Biotech
Graduating: 2007
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Interests: Painting
Quote: “Twitch!”
Name: Eric Koethe
Major: CE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Interests: Bloodstains, Speedkills, Fast cars, Cheap thrills
Quote: “Happiness is a warm gun”
Name: Matthew Goon
Major: ME
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Burlington, MA
Position: Keeper of the Horn
Interests: Sports, Music, and Chillaxin’
Quote: “Rock out and Rock on”
Name: Cameron Dunaj
Major: CE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Wilbraham, MA
Interests: Volleyball, Partying
Quote: “I thought I smelled failure”
Name: Ken Dawe
Major: CE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Roselle Park, NJ
Interests: Music, Medicine
Quote: “May your glass be ever full, May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”
Name: Todd Bitner
Major: BME & CH
Graduating: 2008-ish
Hometown: Lewisberry, PA
Position: Treasurer
Interests: Silly Putty, Troubadours
Quote: “4-5-6 the monkey’s got a hockey stick”
Name: Adam Tracy
Major: CE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Hudson, MA
Position: President
Interests: Metal, Crushing human skulls with my bear hands
Quote: “NOTHING!!!!!!”
Name: Joe Bailey
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: North Reading, MA
Position: Chaplain
Interests: Playing Guitar, Capacitors, Running, Eastern Thought
Quote: “Won’t you come home, Joe Bailey, won’t you come home?”
Name: Mike Fecteau
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2008
Position: Scholastics Chair
Hometown: Salem, NH
Interests: Techno, Racing
Quote: “I can’t feel my teeth”
Name: Noah Pendleton
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Canaan, NH
Position: Steward
Interests: Telemark Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Helicopters
Quote: “What’s wrong with your fingers? They seem to be all up in my grill when they would be better placed crammed up your buttox!”
Name: Matt Fuhrmeister
Major: CE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Waterford, CT
Position: House Manager
Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, Hippies
Quote: “Man, I really wish that my hair was as nice as Freddy Jervis’s"
Name: Kyle Kappmeyer
Major: CE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Houston, TX
Interests: Paintball, Lacrosse, Music, DJ-ing, Watching Movies
Quote: “It’s in that place where I put that thing that time”
Name: Anthony Distefano
Major: MCE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Stoughton, MA
Interests: Stuff
Quote: “I have a belly button”
Name: Barry Kosherick
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Bala Cynwyd. PA
Interests: Music, Mountain Biking, Turning rooms into subwoofers
Quote: “Think for yourself, question authority”
Name: Ryan Pagano
Major: CHE
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Centerville, MA
Position: Newsletter Chair
Interests: Golf, Poker, Sleeping, Coffee
Quote: “Decaffeinated coffee is the devil’s blend”
Name: Dimosthenis Nikitas
Major: ME
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Salem, NH
Interests: Checking the pipes, Helen, Roadblocks
Quote: “Children are people too, horribly incomplete people”
Name: Bernard Lis
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Turnersville, NJ
Position: Scholastics Chair
Interests: Drums
Quote: “Life is a gun fight; you’re given a sword.  Deal with it.”
Name: Pat Sheehan
Major: CE
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Methuen, MA
Position: Fraternal Chair
Interests: Airforce, Skiing and Snowboarding, Computers, Pretty much anything the Sci-Fi Channel wants to air
Quote: “I feel strangely hypnotized”
Name: Justin Perron
Major: ME
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Position: Parliamentarian
Interests: Telling hilarious stories, Trees, Cheetahs, the American Leauge
Quote: “I less than three cheetahs”
Name: Garrett D. Cavanaugh
Major: ME
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Townsend, MA
Interests: Crew, Rock Climbing, Machining, GIRLS, Having a good time.
Quote: “Vulcanize the whoopee stick In the ham wallet” –Bloodhound Gang
Name: Michael Moscardini
Major: CS
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Amesbury, MA
Position: Publicity Chair
Interests: Music, DJ-ing, Red Sox, Sleeping
Quote: “This is either really good or really bad…”
Name: Brandon Patchel
Major: BBT
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Sandwich, MA
Interests: Video Games, Bowling, Pool, Sleep, Babies
Quote: “When you lose small pieces of cotton, some times you can use a magnet and hope that the cotton magically becomes magnetic and comes back to you.”
Name: Alex Demers
Major: CHE
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Auburn, ME
Position: Activities Chair
Interests: Raping and Pillaging the countryside, Basketball, football, Patriots, Red Sox, Jones Soda, Boobs.
Quote: “I’m too young to die”
Name: Skyler Clark
Major: IMGD
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
Interests: Swimming, Video Games, Programming, Hackey Sack, Guitar
Quote: “I intend to live forever. So far, so good”
Name: Brendan McMasters
Major: ME
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Braintree, MA
Position: Greek Week Chair
Interests: Japanese Fighting Fish, Dirt
Quote: “It was a goddamned naked hippie covered in Chocolate Sauce and Fish Food!”
Name: Gerard Dwan
Major: CS
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Methuen, MA
Position: Webmaster
Interests: Drums, Friends, and a Good Movie
Quote: “I skip meals!”
Name: Ben St. James
Major: BME
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Carver, MA
Position: Comptroller
Interests: Romancing the fun bags, Video Games, and Hall Sports
Quote: “Seriously, don’t walk on the floor.”
Name: Peter Eliopoulos
Major: ME
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Malden, MA
Interests: Sports, Outdoor Stuff, Doing Crazy Things, Being Greek…
Quote: “Today we say that the Greeks fought like heroes, but from now on we say that heroes fight like Greeks.” –Winston Churchill
Name: Benjamin Buck
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2009
Hometown: Hampstead, NH
Position: Rush Chair
Interests: Phish, Corduroy, White Water Kayaking,
Quote: “Us ECE’s don’t have time to walk slow.”
Name: Albert Lo
Major: IMGD Technical
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA
Position: Historian
Interests: Eating Souls and/while Watching Lost
Quote: “Evewything is so Big in Amewica”
Name: John Durst
Major: ECE
Graduating: 2008
Hometown: Kingston, NY
Interests: Bunnies, Rebellion, and Music
Quote: “[Expletive deleted]”
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