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Hello friends! I am Andrew Yuan and I am a senior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science! I am 18 and currently I live in Holden. I was born in Pennsylvania, although I don’t remember much since I was two when I left. I lived in MA for ~7 years and then moved to Puerto Rico. I studied at TASIS Dorado and it was there where I learned a lot about what I enjoy in and outside of school. I moved back to MA in 2015 and spent the next two years at Wachusett Regional High School. Obviously, I decided to apply for MAMS and I've enjoyed every moment here.

El Morro Cannonball Stacks
Family at Walden Pond, Thoreauly Impressed


My family consists of my father and mother, Chunbo Yuan and Ying Wu, and my sister, Angela. Both of my parents were born in China and moved to the US before I was born for work. My sister is ~1.5 years younger than me and is a junior at Wachusett Regional HS. We have our own garden in our backyard that produces fresh vegetables that we eat at the dinner table. One of these years we will get to the apples before the deer.


Things I Have Been Enjoying Lately

Math Club

I have been in Math Club from the end of elementary all the way until today. Being in Math Competitions like MathCounts, Olimpiada Matemática de Puerto Rico, and WOCOMAL, have really showed me that math is not a useless thing your teacher tells you to answer 40 questions on, but a method of logical thinking that can better explain the world. I hope everyone tries some of the questions these sites pose in their competitions. Bonus points to the person who tries math in Spanish.


For robotics, I have competed in the VEX Robotics Competition for 3 years with the teams 2361B, 2361A, and 6181C. The experience of getting a robot to work is something I would definitely recommend and being able to work with friends makes it even better! Here at Mass Academy, everyone has the chance to join the 190 Robotics team. No robotics experience is required and the team goes through the entire robot design process so everyone can learn. Also, join in for a round of Crud!


Chess is a lot of fun as well! Honestly, these days I haven’t played as much as I did in middle school, but I always for playing another round of chess. Send me an email if you want to play a game of chess and I’ll gladly find some time! Note: If you ever come by Mass Academy, I'll grab a chess board and we can play a round.

Math Competition in Middle School
2361A and 2361B at VEX Worlds
Playing Chess at Mass Academy

Community Service

Community Harvest

Mass Academy requires a total of 100 hours during the 2 years of study (50 per year). For this year, I have done a lot of my community service at Community Harvest. The community there is awesome and you definitely learn a lot from volunteering. Learn to plant and harvest different vegetables, pack fresh produce, and much more! It’s easy to get involved and a great way to knock out those community service hours. Go check it out!

Community Harvest
Image of Game Designer Platform

ED Games Project

Another thing I did this year for community service is working on the Ed Games Project with WPI. The Ed Games Project's goal is to develop interactive math games that require a lot of movement for elementary and middle school children. I developed a math game with Alex, Patrick, and Eesha called Geometry Dash Live. Our game tests mathematical skills by having three teams compete to be the first to reach a specific number of points. In our game, teams gain points by running to the center of the field and getting a shape, which is given a random point value. The competitors must then run back to their base to earn the points. To reach the right target value, competitors must use addition and multiplication to plan out which items they will need to get in order to reach the goal. Through this program, I learned a lot about game design and the usage of finite state machines. I thought it was a fun program and something to try out if you enjoy creating games.

Photos while at Mass Academy