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Interactive Qualifying Project

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The project focused on the current and predicted impact of robots on surveillance, reconnaissance, automated defense, and bomb disposal operations. It investigated existing products and technologies to create a representation of society’s present opinions. The project considered technological, legal, and ethical concerns affecting the advancement of military robotics. It anticipates future developments by analyzing opinions from interviews and data from a survey. The project concluded that society endorses the evolution of robotics not involving lethal force that benefits the military.

Major Qualifying Project

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This project improved cross-program interactions by investigating how to streamline the exchange of information and documents at iRobot Corporation. The group analyzed opinions from a preliminary survey and focus group interviews to form the final project recommendations, which included the prototype of a re-designed competency website. The goal of the website was to increase accessibility to competency information, specifically related to employees and documents. Overall, the project recommendations sought to create a more efficient work environment and increase cross-program collaboration.