STW, or science technical writing, is a class in which we practice our writing skills for scientific or technical purposes. What we learn in STW is all applied to our STEM project, especially at the end when we write our STEM thesis thoroughly describing our entire project.

Project Brief

Here is my project brief, which is essentially a brief description of my project including some general background as well as the initial procedure plan and may of the sources that were used. This provides a base for our project and a general outline/guideline of future steps in the process of the project.

Literature Review

Here is my full literature review that I wrote to summarize the background of my entire STEM project. This is crucial because it provides with a thorough span of background knowledge required to fully understand the rest of my project. It touches upon every aspect of the experiment and is also a major part of the final STEM thesis.

Project Notes

Below is my project notes document. This is essentially an informal document of all the notes for my project including all my sources, some background information, and any general notes regarding any aspect of my project. This will be properly formatted later, but for now, it simply holds any and all important and relevant information. It can almost be thought of as an online version of my lab notebook in the sense that it informally holds any information I needed to note down. This is a crucial aspect to my project in that it holds all of my thoughts together in one place.

Statistics Presentation

Here is a statistics presentation on everything one would need to know about a one sample t-test. This includes the purpose of a one sample t-test, when and where to use it, and in what instances it would be helpful. The presentation also thoroughly describes how to run the test and analyze the results. This is very useful considering that a lot of the analysis portion of many people’s STEM projects will require the use of statistical analysis of results and data. This is a presentation my group did on just one type of statistics.