Physics is taught most like a standard high school class in comparison with the other classes. We are given fill-in notes at the beginning of each chapter with homework problems between each day of notes. At the end of learning all the notes, we are given challenge problems to help us practice. This is followed by a test at the end of the chapter. For each unit, we also always have some other large assignment that is more variant to each person in addition to the standard work given. These include assignments such as uber problems or labs.

An uber problem is a complex multi-step question with one final answer. Each student is provided with different given values, so although the processes students use may be similar, everyone ends with different correct answers. Click here to view my uber pulley problem.

One of the labs we have done was the Spring Energy Lab. For this, we were put in groups and each group had to design their own unique apparatus that modeled a spring or bungee or something similar. Using the apparatus, each group needed to identify one independent variable and one dependent variable that would be tested in a series of ten trials. Using the data from the experiment, a thorough lab report was to be completed by each individual member of the group. Click here to view my spring energy lab presentation.