Math modeling is a class like no other. It is far from a typical math class in which there is a standard curriculum, and everyone is taught straight-forward mathematical skills. In this class, we are continually given various types of challenging math problems that constantly keep us thinking about different concepts and theories. It is a class that helps us develop analytical skills due to the unconventional problems we are always being provided with.

One major project we participate in is called HiMCM in which groups of students are given a few days to complete one large math modeling problem. A math modeling problem is a real-life problem that can be modeled using various mathematical concepts, and they do not need to have only one solution. My group chose to model a solution to a problem that deals with the advantages and disadvantages of plastic water bottle bans. We first identified all the variables and put them in order of importance to create multiple solutions to the problem. Click here to view the full solution my group wrote.

Another major project we were given was the Hanford Washington math modeling problem which we each solved individually using a program called Mathematica. The goal was to analyze the relationship between deaths caused by cancer, and an index of exposure to radioactive material. Click here to view my full modeling solution.