Lang is the foreign language class taught at the academy. The grade is split into three sections, that stay together for all their classes, depending on their foreign language. The three sections are intermediate Spanish, advanced Spanish, and French. I am in the intermediate Spanish section and the class is taught in a very unique way in comparison with standard high school Spanish classes. This is because it is a fully immersive class in which the teacher, as well as the students, speak exclusively in Spanish for as long as they’re in the room. We do numerous different types of activities to overall improve our Spanish communication skills.

One assignment we have had was to take a picture of five different rooms in our house and write an essay based on the photos we took. This was to practice using prepositions and writing in the present tense. Click here to view my essay.

Another one of our assignments was to spend one class creating a TikTok that was in Spanish. We were given the opportunity to do it however we wanted to as long as it stayed fully within the target language. The results from the class were all very creative. Click here to view the tiktok my group and I made.