Humanities is a very unique class in that it is an informal combination of all traditional English and history classes. We do a variety of activities to cover numerous different topics and themes throughout the year. One part of the curriculum is writing weekly hum journals. Hum journals are essentially a weekly reflection describing what we have been working on in humanities that past week, current events that happened locally, national/ international current events, and how our MAMS experience is going at the moment. We also do innumerable readings throughout the year and engage in thought-provoking class discussions, as well as writing essays that correspond.

At the beginning of the school year, we were put into groups and assigned an ancient civilization to research and create a presentation on. My group was assigned to researching the Chinese Shang Dynasty and we also made a Jeopardy to go along with our presentations as an additional engaging aspect. Click here to view the informational presentation.

One style of writing that we spent some time learning about was satires. We did many readings, wrote and satirical analysis essay, and also had a creative writing assignment where we had to write their own satire. Click here to see the original satire my partner and I wrote about Indian parenting.