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IQP Program

At WPI, students are expected to demonstrate how science and technology are woven into the fabric of socity. The Interactive Qualifying Project(IQP) challenges teams of students to address a problem that relates to science or technology in society. Students work to develop solutions to real world problems.

Through the Global Perspective Program, WPI students are encouraged to study abroad. WPI sends engineering and science students abroad to Project Centers around the globe to address issues while gaining an understanding of other cultures.

Application Process

General Application Due
-Self Reference Letter

Site Information Sessions
-Schedule available:

-Applications due

-Decision letters mailed to home address.

If you are in need of finding funding for your global studies program, check into the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship program on our scholarship page and at the Benjamin Gilman International website.

Student Insights

Rick Emberley: Apply for visa at least 3 months prior to departure. I went to Melbourne, Australia site via Qantas Airline. Book well ahead of time. If you are over 6"3" tall, paying for extra leg room on any flight was well worth it!

Linnea Palmer Paton: Buy your tickets early! Direct flights are great. At the end of your trip you might really just want to get home to the USA. Don't waste your time hanging out with the other international/American students. Push yourself to get to know the people of your host country.