My Life as a Narration

Hey, I'm Tony Vuolo. My motto is "Everything a story, everything a pattern". I believe this applies to my life as much as anything else. Because I bet you don't know much about that story going into this site, it becomes my job to be the narrator for you.

So sit back and get some popcorn...

Get ready to go through time...

STEM Topics


From a young age, I have enjoyed studying number theory regarding integer sequences. Numbers intrigue me mostly because of their objectivity: there is always an answer or defined list of answers, and usually some way to calculate them. I can still remember sitting on the floor and writing down lists of square numbers to see if I could make any sort of pattern. In 6th grade, I decided to work on putting to use the small amount of algebra and information on square numbers; by winter break, I had become a sort of amateur human calculator. I also put some time into learning the first 220 digits of pi and the periodic table, which are fun for party tricks but are otherwise useless.

Java Programming

In middle school, I participated in coding “lessons” taught by the dad of one of my friends. Although I was not very adept at figuring out how to solve problems, I gained some insight into the use of programs in mathematics that would be useful later on.

So how does that affect today?

Although I can’t necessarily do mental math at the same speed as I was able to in middle school, occasionally practicing multiplication of 3-digit numbers in my head helps to maintain some sort of speed. I still remember the what I learned of digits of pi, most of the periodic table, and, oddly enough, the first 100 perfect squares from my math experience in elementary school. At the beginning of 10th grade, I began coding for a team math competition known as Purple Comet. A year has passed since I first began contributing to the team code files, and since then I have accumulated codes capable of solving a wide variety of problems. I have also launched into a small series of Java programs geared toward printing mathematically-derived pictures such as the Mandelbrot set.

The entire Mandelbrot Set.

The Mandelbrot Set, a well-known fractal representing a graph on the complex plane, as printed by my program.

A Mandelbrot Set Zoom

The Mandelbrot Set: upper left corner (0.294-0.016i), lower right (0.306-0.028i), after 500 iterations, as printed by my program.

Another fractal-esque computer drawing.

A graph logging convergence on 6-digit Kaprekar constants.


I am a natural creative writer: I see almost every idea or history as a story waiting to be told. I have an obsession with generating the perfect story universe, where every little detail is planned and flushed out. In late elementary school, I began planning larger writing projects for publishing in the future.

So how does that affect today?

If you want an idea of where my writing obsession has taken me, check out Tentapar in the navigation bar.

In addition to my personal projects, I love writing with other people, so I will launch into books with those who share my literary interests.


I love music! I’m a big fan of electronic music, especially some Monstercat soundtracks. I have been playing the violin for seven years, which has opened my musical taste to include some orchestral and epic songs. I usually tend to sway toward songs that are a bit old, as I cannot stand modern dubstep when it has a disappointing bass drop or bland melody.

Pegboard Nerds - "Emergency"

The link above is for "Emergency", probably one of the best Monstercat songs you can find (in my opinion). Monstercat publishes a lot of electronic music from different artists such as PIXL, Hellberg, Pegboard Nerds, and Tristam.

Xtrullor - "Arcana"

The link above will lead you to "Arcana", an epic orchestral dubstep and one of my personal favorites for that genre.

The background of my website is the logo of Creo, another amazing artist.

Being Myself

Although I don’t act professionally, I love to do crazy things to impress and/or entertain other people, even if slight embarrassment is involved on my part. Some of my past projects with other people have included making rap battles between historical scientists and dressing up as a tree.

You have been stopped.

This is a picture of me performing a rap battle as biologist Alfred Wallace.

Community Service

Every Mass Academy student has to complete 100 hours of community service over the course of the two-year program, fifty per year. I participated in the following programs to complete my junior year hours.

Open Table

The town of Maynard is home to Open Table, a mini supermarket that serves locals who have trouble obtaining enough food to feed themselves or their families. I spent some hours before the beginning of junior year helping to serve during afternoon shifts.


I signed up to teach 3rd grade religious education at my church, St. Peter’s in Worcester. My class of three children would meet from 10 to 11 AM on Sundays, just after mass. We focused on learning some of the main values and beliefs that compose modern Catholicism, mixing in some relaxing drawing activities, as all three of them loved to draw.

Church Music

My family has run the music at St. Peter’s for many years now. My parents chose five or six folk hymns every week from the missal to play, in addition to a short selection of weekly transition pieces. Part of my community service was playing the violin in the main hymns.