My name is Athreya Ramesh.

Currently, I attend the Massachusetts Academy for Math and Science as a junior. My hobbies mainly consist of robotics and martial arts, although I play the saxophone for fun in my free time.

Personal Information

Here I am, in freshman year at my sending school.

I was born in Carey, North Carolina. I first moved to Norwood, MA in 2000. Now I live in Northborough, MA, about 15 minutes away from the Mass Academy Campus. For my first two years of high school, I attended Algonquin Regional High School, which was also located in Northborough. I enjoyed the school and made a lot of friends there. But when I heard about Mass Academy's STEM focused curriculum, I was drawn in and now I'm here. So far, it's been about a month at Mass Academy, and I really do enjoy the STEM focus. The environment is much more education focused than my sending school, because everyone here wants to be here and wants to learn. It provides strong motivation to do well and healthy competition.
Recently, our grade traveled to Camp Bournedale near Plymouth, where we spent three days. During our stay we participated in team building activities and project adventure courses. These courses consisted of scaling ten foot walls with a team, balancing five people on one steel tether, and launching people over a wooden wall suspended between two trees. Of course, these activities, though dangerous sounding, were completed without any casualties and with complete safety.
High School Picture

Me at ten years old at a local karate competition. (I'm the one in the blue pads)

I started practicing martial arts when I was eight years old. So it's been around 8 years of training. I obtained my black belt when I was thirteen. Every year, I go to national competitions all around the United States. I've gotten gold in a few of them, and obtained some medal, whether it be gold, silver, or bronze in most of them. I train at MassDojo, in Shrewesbury.
My most recent competition was the USANKF National Karate Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I participated in five events, medalling in each one. In individual fighting, I fought against another person each round. I won three rounds, which are based on a point system, and lost one, obtaining the third place and a bronze medal.

This isn't my saxophone, although I wish it was. But it's a nice picture.

I started playing saxophone in 5th grade, at the age of ten. I've been practicing and learning for 5 years now. This year is the first year I'm not participating in a Jazz Ensemble or a Concert Band. However, I still play in my free time because it's one of the ways that I relax. Personally I prefer playing the baritone saxophone, the largest of the three types of commonly played saxophones. I've played the baritone saxophone specifically since 6th grade, and last year my jazz band played a song called "Out Back of the Barn" by Gerry Mulligan. This piece is a baritone saxophone feature, and I had the luck of playing the feature part. Though challenging, it was one of the greatest experiences in my life, playing a solo piece in auditoriums and in front of judges.