A picture of me with my dad at the Mystic Aquarium

My Experience at the Mass Academy

Welcome to my website! I am Andrew, a Junior at the Mass Academy and a Calculus and Physics tutor. My favorite experience at the Mass Academy so far has been helping my peers with the Physics and Calculus-Physics homework and explaining other Calculus and Physics. Those that go to the Mass Academy learn how to collaborate with their peers, either working together on difficult problems or helping each other out on the subjects that they are strong in. Mass Academy students learn to understand new concepts and solve difficult problems in unique and comprehensive ways, often making it to the international level in Science Fair or obtaining patents for new inventions. However, Mass Academy is not meant for everyone; Mass Academy students are pressured hard to perform at their best.

Teaching Calculus and Physics

My greatest passion is helping people with Calculus and Physics. In addition to making a difference in other people's lives, teaching gives me energy and happiness, new relationships, confidence, and purpose. I have been helping people for over two years, since when I was taking AP BC Calculus freshman year. At the Mass Academy I have discovered a passion and aptitude for teaching Physics. I have started website called "Lendal Math" that includes notes and example problems for Calculus. It currently covers limits, derivatives, and some applications of derivatives. The link to my website is Lendal Math. Another great website, Paul's Online Math Notes, has notes for Algebra Review, Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, and Differential Equations.

My Other Hobbies

I am a runner that sprints at 11mph for 6 minutes about 3 times a week. Running exhilarates me, it reduces my stress, and it's fun. When I had more time, I would play computer games such as Age of Empires I, II, and III and Civilzation IV. Some afternoons I like to solve a challenging puzzles with a computer program or solve difficult math or physics problems. They often frustrate me, but it is worth the amazing feeling when I solve the problem or prove the theorem. I like reading textbooks and books on physics and chemistry, such as The Elements by Theodore Gray, FIND MORE. When I had more time, I purchased lectures from the Great Courses on topics including particle physics, classical physics and relativity, algebra II, calc I, and calc II.

Me next to my solution to a physics problem on my whiteboard wall. I will describe the problem in more detail in the Physics section.
Me running in an upside down world.