Hey there, random viewer of this website. My name is Anya Kopyra, and I am currently a junior here at Mass Academy, which by the way, has recently been rated the number one public high school in MA! This webpage is designed so you can learn a little more about me and my school, and I’ll be updating it as the year goes on and more things happen in school. Check out the classes pages to find short descriptions of the classes and a few examples of assignments we have completed!


Basketball has been a big part of my life for over 7 years now. I started playing on a travel team in 4th grade, and began AAU basketball in 6th. I’ve been on countless AAU teams since then, but finally I settled on playing for the North-Central Blaze, where my team won the state championship in 2016. I usually play as a shooting guard, and stay mainly around the perimeter, because at 5’7”, I’m far from the tallest girl on the team. I hope to continue playing year round, and possible keep playing in college.

AAU Basketball

AAU season is only during the fall and spring, so during the summer and winter I play for my school team. Mass Academy doesn’t have any sports teams, so I play for my sending school, Grafton High School. It’s a really cool experience to be part of a varsity team, and I plan on playing all four years of high school. Last year Grafton actually went to the district finals at WPI, but we unfortunately lost to Lunenburg by 1 point in overtime, ending our season. Despite this huge disappointment, it was still the best that girl’s basketball has ever done in our school, and I look forward to playing again next year.

Action shot Us after winning the semifinals

Canine Companion

I got my dog in the Spring of 2015, at Laughlin Kennel in Oxford, MA. His name is Teddy, and he is the light of my life. He’s a shih tzu poodle mix who loves to jump on furniture and run around. Even though he’s a small dog he has a big personality and loves playing with other people and dogs. Click here to see where we got Teddy!

Me and the pup Cute Dog

Community Service

For my community service this year I volunteered to be a coach in Grafton. My town has a large recreational basketball program for kids in grades 3-8, boys and girls. Growing up, I went through this program, and it is what sparked my love for basketball, so I wanted to give back to the community . I was the head coach of a girls’ basketball team made up of players aged 10-12, and I volunteered there during the months of November to March. I ran one or two practices a week and coached them at games every Saturday. The girls were really fun to work with, and always cheered me up with their enthusiasm for the game. I got to watch them grow and improve as a result of my coaching, and it was really rewarding to see the ways that I impacted their lives. At the end of the season, multiple players came up to me to ask if I could coach them next year, and they said that this was the most fun team they had ever been a part of. I am really glad that I worked with the recreational department to do this, and it was fun to have the experience of raising a future generation of players in Grafton.

Some More Stuff

I really like going exploring and going new places, such as renaissance faires, castles, abandoned buildings and islands. Here is just a gallery of pictures of things that I have done that I particularly enjoyed.