About Me

Hi, I’m Arun Chintalapati, a junior at Mass Academy. I live in Shrewsbury with my parents and younger brother. I was born in Southfield, Michigan, but my family moved to Massachusetts a year after I was born. I started attending Saint Bernadette’s School in Northborough when I was 4 years old. I made a lot of good friends there and attended the school until the eighth grade. Once I graduated from SBS, I went to Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury for two years. I enjoyed the school a lot, meeting a lot of new friends and also hanging out with some old friends from middle school. However, I decided to transfer to Mass Academy due to the focus on math and science, as those are my two favorite subjects.


In middle school I was part of the cross country team. When I started cross country, I was not very good and would often walk most of the course. But once I started my second year of cross country I became more committed and made steady improvement. By my third year I had become one of the better runners on the team and I was really enjoying myself. In my final year of cross country at SBS I was one of the top 10 runners on the team and I was consistently running the 2.2-mile course in under 12 minutes.

I was also on the basketball team in middle school for 3 years. I was never very good, but I always loved playing with my friends. Practices and games were always really fun. In eighth grade, our team made it to the quarter-finals, but ended up losing by only a few points. It was really sad, but everyone had a really great time during the season. I decided not to play basketball in high school because I knew I would not be good enough to make the St. John’s team, but I still like to play with my brother and friends.

Mass Academy