Amruth Seetharaman Picture


My name is Amruth Seetharaman, and I am currently a Junior at Mass Academy. I am fascinated with life and the vast cosmos. Our universe is a place filled with wonder and secrets and things we cannot even begin to understand. Through my passion in STEM, particularly in Math and Physics, I want to protect the wonder this universe provides and explore it for its philosophical beauty. I applied to Mass Academy to truly help the world and preserve the beauty that life holds. Now that I’m here, my mission is to make the most of what I can do, by helping others.

Core Beliefs/Positive Promotion

Life is beautiful and everchanging. In our day and age, we must do what we can to help protect that intrinsic beauty that existence provides us, and also appreciate it for what it is.

Systemic Racism

BLM Image The racial injustices happening right now in the United States are appalling and burdensome. Many are impacted by inhuman treatment or systematically disadvantaged by the color of their skin. I truly believe that we should all strive to be a positive voice in our community, to speak out against discrimination and violence. We must try to understand these difficulties and stand with those who need help. We must be open to changing our practices so that everyone can feel equal in the world that we live in. This issue will not go away tomorrow, next week, or even next year. But we must try to make a change and amplify the voices that are unheard so that we can make the world a friendlier place for the people suffering through discrimination, hate, and violence.

Climate Change

Climate Change Image Climate Change is also an issue of vital importance now more than ever. Our world is on the brink of collapse and irreparable damage from our excess of emissions and our destruction of natural places. Wherever possible, we must try to make our actions reflect the truth of Climate Change: That if we continue living the way we are, we will not have a future with a safe climate.

LGBTQ+ Rights

LGBTQ+ Flag The hate and discrimination that LGBTQ+ people feel today is also appalling. Everyone deserves humane treatment, and we should not judge people based someone for who they love, nor for their religion or race. We can make a difference by being accepting, understanding these issues, and by speaking out against those who actively oppress these people, as with any issue involving the oppression of minorities.